October 22, 2017
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Grand design
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: Indian engagement with Pakistan and China with the intention of giving the Parliament resolution reiterating that the whole of Jammu and Kashmir
Terror instrument
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: Ever since Pakistan facilitated the secret visit of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Beijing in July 1971, China has played a major role in forging the
Opening front
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016: Political turmoil is rampant on both sides of the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. China and Pakistan have held joint military exercises in Pakistan
Cheap mindset
JULY-AUGUST 2016: China has become a teacher in matters pertaining to non proliferation regime and issues involving its conduct among technologically superior nations who are
Neutralizing threat
MAY-JUNE 2016: As prime Indian military objective in the event of an outbreak of hostilities between a Pakistan-China collusive alliance against India, STRATEGIC AFFAIRS in
First move
MARCH-APRIL 2016: A nation that feels itself hemmed in by hostile neighbors needs to look for ways to preserve its own national interests through diplomatic means before it rushes into a conflict situation that will exacerbate the collusive arrangement that it sees as a threat.
Calculate to disrupt
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: Any military action requires political will. Does the Bharatiya Janta Party which leads the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre have the political
Dominating landscape
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015: By dint of constant deployment over decades in the Himalayas in some of the highest battlefields in the world, Indian troops have accumulated
Defending territory
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: China has fallen back on an old blueprint to keep India unbalanced. It has revived the insurgencies in the North-east and extended the proxy war to India’s western sector, giving the Pakistan Army encouragement to exacerbate tensions by frequent violations of the ceasefire and deadly cross-LoC attacks. The statement during the Ufa summit in Russia that there is insufficient evidence to jail the persons indicted by
Autonomous warriors
JULY-AUGUST 2015: Militaries around the world are looking for ways to introduce armoured unmanned ground vehicles to protect the soldier from boobytraps and improvised