August 17, 2019
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Cost of victory
JANUARY 2013: Thoughts of liberating Tibet, given the widespread unrest not confined to Buddhist monks in the vast landmass currently under the control of the ethnic Han Chinese as illustrated by the series of self-immolations (now nearly a hundred), must come from Tibetans themselves.
Racing interceptor
DECEMBER 2012: Six years after India conducted its first ballistic missile defence system, the DRDO is now in a position to claim that the missile is ready for deployment by next year or 2014. The latest and the eighth interceptor missile test,
Defending pass
NOVEMBER 2012: The Pir Panjal range in the southern foothills of the Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir is the sentinel of the Kashmir Valley. Any breach of security of the Pir Panjal range directly threatens the Valley. Ever since 1947 defending
Placatory gesture
OCTOBER 2012: The visit of Chinese Defence Minister General Liang Guanglie to India recently was occasion for New Delhi to raise the issue of expanding Chinese military presence in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Expectedly, the
Hot game
SEPTEMBER 2012: The long delayed 197 helicopter deal is making fresh progress as the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) of the Ministry of Defence has cleared both the vendors as technically qualified for the much awaited deal.
Developing skills
AUGUST 2012: India’s defence modernization program is attractive and can salvage present global arms market down turn in an unprecedented manner. While there is a huge budget cuts in US and Europe due to economic turmoil, India will have to spend a huge chunk of budget for its military capacity building.  
Hunting bows
JULY 2012: India will very soon announce another major defence deal for the US companies which is pending for quite sometime. The helicopter deal is going to be a major bone of contention if the deal goes to US as Russia has already
Building capacity
JUNE 2012: What began as a Chinese desire to secure its frontiers with enabling infrastructure all along its periphery, more particularly vis-à-vis India with which, in Chinese eyes, the Tibetan imbroglio has an organic link, has become
Road ahead
MAY 2012: In an extraordinary step in the recent past, the Parliament Standing Committee on Defence decided to call the three service chiefs to give an account of the state of preparedness of the forces against the backdrop of Army Chief General V K Singh speaking about the shortages and deficiencies.
Brand collapse
APRIL 2012: It is AK versus VK. While one has earned his ranks, the other is a time passer working for political masters at the cost of nation. Well after retirement VK will still be called as a General, but AK will have to look for a Rajya Sabha ticket from his boss to secure his personal berth and interests. Yet, Defence Minister