September 22, 2019
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First move
MARCH-APRIL 2016: A nation that feels itself hemmed in by hostile neighbors needs to look for ways to preserve its own national interests through diplomatic means before it rushes into a conflict situation that will exacerbate the collusive arrangement that it sees as a threat.
Calculate to disrupt
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: Any military action requires political will. Does the Bharatiya Janta Party which leads the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre have the political
Dominating landscape
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015: By dint of constant deployment over decades in the Himalayas in some of the highest battlefields in the world, Indian troops have accumulated
Defending territory
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: China has fallen back on an old blueprint to keep India unbalanced. It has revived the insurgencies in the North-east and extended the proxy war to India’s western sector, giving the Pakistan Army encouragement to exacerbate tensions by frequent violations of the ceasefire and deadly cross-LoC attacks. The statement during the Ufa summit in Russia that there is insufficient evidence to jail the persons indicted by
Autonomous warriors
JULY-AUGUST 2015: Militaries around the world are looking for ways to introduce armoured unmanned ground vehicles to protect the soldier from boobytraps and improvised
Doubt persists
MAY-JUNE 2015: After an out of box , surprise solution was evolved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Paris in mid-April for urgently meeting the fighter requirements of the IAF. A high level negotiating team from India headed by Air Marshal SBP Sinha from the Air Headquarters is in the advanced stage of the negotiations with the French team.
Slow pace
MARCH-APRIL 2015: Though the sanction for 814 artillery guns worth Rs 15,750 crore (US$ 2.56 billion) was cleared last November, by the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar headed Defence
Boosting synergy
JAN-FEB 2015: The Indian armed forces have been acquainted with the “air-land battle” concept since 1987 when General K Sundarji conducted the massive deployment of air
Enemy in backyard
DECEMBER 2014: There is no way that the Government of India can expedite the acquisition of submarines and anti-submarine assets even if it raids the gold filled vaults of the Thirumalai
Seamless thrust
NOVEMBER 2014: The pace of electronic warfare is changing rapidly and in future it may assume a new dimension in which individual soldiers can conduct the war proceedings