September 22, 2019
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Asserting control
DECEMBER 2013: After lulling India into slumber with its Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA), the Chinese have done something that was typical of its foreign policy-it announced a ‘no fly zone’ over the disputed islands of Senkaku/Diaoyu which is currently under Japanese control but is claimed to be part of a Chinese Emperor’s empire in ancient times.
Controlling disaster
NOVEMBER 2013: Even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh prepared to leave for talks in Beijing there were disconcerting reports that China would not put the dam over the Brahmaputra
Defensive response
OCTOBER 2013: With the Chinese attitude of constant pinpricks through border violations inspite of declaration to maintain peace and tranquility on the Line of Actual Control, there is
Slitting throat
SEPTEMBER 2013: The tri-junction of India, Bhutan and China is like a Chinese dagger held at India’s throat. At this point the Chumbi valley which is part of southern reaches of the Tibetan Autonomous Region along the Line of Actual Control is like a pointed kris dagger thrust between Sikkim and Bhutan, giving access to China directly into West Bengal.
Encroaching mission
AUGUST 2013: Indians can be forgiven for wondering what were Indian border guards doing while the Chinese intruders were dismantling and destroying the camera that were set up by the Indians to keep an eye on Chinese intrusions in the Depsang valley segment of the Daulat Beg Oldi area of Jammu and Kashmir.
Accessing energy
JULY 2013: As a growing power, India requires energy. Yet, it is not self-sufficient in energy security and is highly dependent on oil and gas imports from various energy basins. For this, India has begun looking eastwards, eyeing the oil and gas reserves of Myanmar.
Assessing strength
JUNE 2013: There is a great deal of puzzlement in India about why a newly-elected Prime Minister of China should indulge in so blatant a violation of the concept of peace and tranquillity along the Line of Actual Control so close to his impending visit to India.
Tackling dragon
MAY 2013: To be able to contain China, its neighbors, especially India will have to learn to keep two jumps ahead of the Li Hua indigenous Chinese striped cat as New Delhi is learning to its consternation over the latest Chinese incursion into Ladakh.
Assessing strength
APRIL 2013: Conventional wisdom would suggest that demolishing China’s dug-in positions along the Line of Actual Control would deter, disperse and dissuade the People’s Liberation Army from carrying out its emerging policy of territorial aggrandizement all along its periphery at carefully selected moments.
Lifted veil
MARCH 2013: Chopper scam has opened a Pandora’s box as how politicians, brokers, bureaucrats and Service personnel collide to jeopardize India’s national security interests while putting a veil of ‘honesty’ and ‘patriotism’.