September 22, 2019
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Brand collapse
APRIL 2012: It is AK versus VK. While one has earned his ranks, the other is a time passer working for political masters at the cost of nation. Well after retirement VK will still be called as a General, but AK will have to look for a Rajya Sabha ticket from his boss to secure his personal berth and interests. Yet, Defence Minister
Survival of fittest
MARCH 2012: Comparison of the respective weapon systems in the arsenals makes little sense in the India-Pakistan context. Pakistan has always had technologically superior weapons because of its access to western arms bazaars particularly
False hope
FEBRUARY 2012: There is a brewing discontentment over the attitude of Finance Ministry towards defence matters mainly purchase related issues. Now, the Finance Secretary has stopped Indian Army’s modernization plan without much justification. Yet, Defence Minister A K Antony who should have taken it up at highest level to
Tightening noose
JANUARY 2012: The induction of Chinese troops disguised as laborers into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and the expansion of infrastructure like the widening of the Karakoram Highway and provision of railway and pipelines connecting Gwadar port on the Balochistan coast to Xinjiang Province of China are signs of a tightening of the noose around India’s neck.