September 22, 2017
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Declining power
NOVEMBER 2014: Japanese economy is still faltering in a new way which is causing lot of concern that whether Japan will ever be able to come out of this crisis and regain its place as world second largest economy. The tragic story is its currency Yen is losing its stem and it is deliberate as the government wants to keep Yen at a low height to boost sluggish economic recovery.
Mapping future
NOVEMBER 2014: German politician Martin Schulz who is now President of European Parliament and is visualizing a united Europe which can stand on its own without external support, is pushing for reforms in politics and security cooperation.
Watching carefully
NOVEMBER 2014: The ISIS is now calculating a new game plan as how it can spread its presence in a credible manner to attract hundreds of thousands recruits for its battle from the Arabian Peninsula and African region, mainly in North and West Africa.
Doubtful intentions
OCTOBER 2014: Even though the Chinese soldiers were forced to make a retreat in Chumar after the high level diplomatic and political pressure and the activation of the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement, it will not improve the sentiments in bilateral relations in near future.
Unable to handle
OCTOBER 2014: The ongoing protest in Hong Kong has shown that China has not learned its lessons from the past, particularly from the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989. The rigidness and hard line approach could be the biggest stumbling block for China in finding a peaceful
Uncertain victory
OCTOBER 2014: Recent gains by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and the well-publicized executions of captured journalists and aid workers have once again drawn US military assets and personnel into a civil war. While Iraq remains familiar terrain for both the political elite
Building trust
OCTOBER 2014: It was natural for two natural allies to climb within a short span of ten months from the lowest ebb of relations during diplomat Devyani Khobragade issue last December to its peak of Obama-Modi bonhomie in September 2014.
Space integration
OCTOBER 2014: In a major policy decision aimed at reaching out to the neighbours, Indian Government has decided to offer the services of Gagan (GPS- aided Geo Augmented Navigation) system designed to support the civil aviation traffic over the Indian skies and
Underground wall
SEPTEMBER 2014: China is secretly modernizing its nuclear weapons largely stored underground beneath mountains of Hunan range as the military sees potentiality of tactical use of nuclear weapons in future warfare since the neighbors are becoming increasingly defiant.
Grabbing opportunity
SEPTEMBER 2014: Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI), if implemented in true spirit, will add a new dimension to India-US defence relations as it has the potentials of turning the buyer seller relationship into co-producer and co-developer of weapons systems.